Happy Holidays to all our students and families!

December 17, 2018 - 2 minutes read

I am so pleased with the hard work of our students during our first term of school! As I read the students’ report cards, I was amazed at the depth of their learning and how skilled they are at demonstrating their knowledge and understandings in many different ways. Primary students are developing their foundational skills in the areas of literacy and numeracy through their units of inquiry, about autumn, communities and other big ideas. Intermediate students are using digital tools and genius hour projects to learn more about government, body systems, and topics of their choice. They are making amazing art projects, learning songs and dances, and playing sports to develop physical literacy and sportsmanship. Last week’s Hour of Code was a perfect opportunity for me to see their progress in the ADST curriculum. I have seen amazing projects, from mazes in div. 6 to and Future City boards in our gr. 6/7 classes, and I’m looking forward to seeing more after the holidays! Teachers are using our wonderful resources to teach writing and executive functioning skills. Our Rights Respecting School Wall of Recognition highlights students who demonstrate character and virtues. Thank you to all our students for their efforts. Special thanks to our Leadership Club for their service to our school and community. Huge thanks to all our staff for supporting our students every day in many ways.
I wish all of you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Let it be full of joyful moments!