H2Whoa!!! Div 7’s Hard Work as Planet Protectors Pays Off!

May 19, 2016 - 2 minutes read

A visit from Dreamriders Theatre production was a  terrific experience for our students in KG and Grades 1 through 5 today on our second day back from the Spring Break. Not only was it an entertaining and educational opportunity, but it related directly to our new BC Curriculum in the area of Personal and Social Competencies.
As a result of the Planet Protector Academy project taken on by Ms. Eiriz’s and Ms. Adair’s Div 7 Gr ¾ class in Term 2, students’ efforts were awarded with a complimentary school performance from Dreamriders Theatre actors Goober and Esmerelda; a ‘conservation  dynamic duo’ who spread the message of environmental awareness and global citizenship. From sharing the actual scientific process of the Water Cycle, to introducing the actual meagre amount of potable water available to the world’s population; it was surprising to many.

During the 2nd term Division 7 focused on the importance of environmentally wise habits 1) like turning off lights, 2) reducing the idling your car, 3) taking shorter showers and several more, 4) shutting the tap off during teeth brushing, etc.IMG_2767

Every week, the Gr ¾ students had a ‘mission’ related to these conservation themes, that students had to work on at home, getting their  families involved too in the process; championing the process as habits of life. In addition, each week, Division 7  also had to report to Planet Protector Mission Headquarters to see how their class fared in their efforts.  The main characters of Planet Protector Academy activities were introduced to the kids in engaging and educational online videos thanks to our brand new short throw projectors provided recently by our CPAC!

Check out some of the video clip and images from the great performance that promoted water conservation and smart water use that help demonstrate the fun and learning that was had promoting 21st Century Social and Personal Competencies in the area of social responsibility and environmental awareness.IMG_2774