Framework for Enhancing Student Learning Update

September 27, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Last year the Ministry of Education redesigned the previously called Action Plan for Learning (APL) and what was our traditional School Growth Plan has evolved to become the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, or FESL.

At Chartwell, the school goal for the last two years has been to increase students’ reading abilities to be better able to be “inquirers”. The FESL is designed as a three year cycle of inquiry. This year is Year 3 for us. The inquiry question at the foundation of our plan was outlined by the previous Principal Mr. Aron Campbell. Since last year was my first year at Chartwell, it made sense to pursue the plan with a focus on Reading and Inquiry as both are crucial components of the New Curriculum and much effort and great work had already been accomplished in Year 1.

The Inquiry question is as follows:

Will the implementation of a congruent and consistent early literacy program at the K-3
level (eg. Reading Mastery) combined with a consistent benchmark assessment schedule
(eg. DIBELS), translate to increased student achievement and confidence in the area of
Reading Comprehension at the Intermediate level in order to further support school wide
Inquiry Based research skills and overall Reading Comprehension in Grades 4-7. (eg. Gr 6/7
Chartwell Pre-AP Capstone Inquiry Pilot Project)

The Chartwell staff has been focusing on Reading Instruction and actively pursuing strategies and assessment of reading skills as well as implementing Inquiry Learning in their practice at every grade level. We have a FESL committee who regularly review the data to guide future steps. One of our goals this year is to inform parents of how we are doing with our FESL. We have a representative from the CPAC on our committee and will meet regularly this year to prepare for our Final Presentation to an external team in the Spring of 2018.

At the Primary level, we continue to provide a wholesome and comprehensive literacy instruction program which includes Reading Mastery, as well as other strategies from a variety of resources. We have support teachers who take part in the Reading Mastery delivery, to ensure that the reading groups are small and strategic. The data we have accumulated over the last 2 years shows very encouraging results, which will be shared in our final presentation which the School District has called the Capstone Presentation, not to be confused with our very own Capstone Connect Project at the Grade 6 and 7 level.

At the Intermediate level, students are also learning strategies from a variety of resources, such as Reading Power. Resources vary depending on the grade level but strategies such as visualizing, making connections,and inferencing are valuable for all students. Our Learning Support and English Language Learning teachers provide what we call “push in support” and work with classroom teachers to provide additional reading instruction. We use different assessment strategies and resources at the Intermediate level.

This is a goal that is so important to us as we know that our students will be more competent and successful Inquirers and lifelong learners if they possess strong reading abilities. I look forward to sharing more updates with you in a short while. Stay tuned!

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