Applied Design, Skills and Technologies Curriculum

February 9, 2017 - 4 minutes read

A exciting addition to our new BC curriculum is called the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies Curriculum. On the Ministry of Education website, the ADST curriculum is introduced as such: “The Applied Skills learning area has been re-envisioned as a K–12 program and renamed. The new Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum is an experiential, hands-on program of learning through design and creation that includes skills and concepts from traditional and First Peoples practice; from the existing disciplines of Business Education, Home Economics, Information Technology, and Technology Education; and from new and emerging fields. It envisions a K–12 continuum fostering the development of the skills and knowledge that will allow students to create practical and innovative responses to everyday needs and problems.”

The ADST curriculum is sequential. In the early years (K-5), students will be given opportunities to develop foundational skills in Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies through exploratory and purposeful play. As they get older and develop an interest in knowing how things work and making things that work, they will have opportunities to develop foundational skills in activities that have a practical and real-life focus.

There has been much talk about coding in schools since the new curriculum was launched, and indeed, coding is an important part of the ADST curriculum. Students at Chartwell have been using apps and programs such as Scratch, Scratch Junior and with their teachers. I have seen some very cool things done by Kindergarten and Grade 1 students using Scratch Jr. and the 6/7s are way ahead of me with their projects! We’re lucky that Div. 3 teacher Mr. Hunter is supporting all our 6/7 students in their coding adventures! You will hear more about coding in a few months when we’re ready to present some of our best work in West Vancouver schools at the Arcade event!

Digital Technologies are supported in many ways in our schools. The use of digital tools across the curriculum and at all grade levels promotes engagement and proficiency. Students today are very familiar with many applications. Teachers use their laptops and short throw projectors regularly. Our iPad and Chromebooks carts are booked all day long. and students in the intermediate grades bring their own devices to be able to access information when needed, We are always learning about new tools, new software, new apps that support our students and our curriculum. The district offers rich learning opportunities during Professional Development Days for teachers and support staff. We are lucky to have the support of our District Technology Support teacher, Ms. Cari Wilson, She has helped us in so many ways here at Chartwell!

While digital technologies and coding are at the forefront of ADST, there are many other modules that are less known, but equally fascinating! In my next few blog posts, I will share give you some information about the other modules as well as examples of ADST here at school. Don’t forget to check out @chantaltrudeau on Twitter to see photos and comments on the great learning that happens every day at Chartwell!

Happy Reading Break and Family Day!