A Well-Deserved Spring Break to all!

March 16, 2018 - 2 minutes read

It is hard to believe that we are ending the second term of this school year! Students have worked so hard this term. I was very pleased to read their report cards and see everything they learned in their classrooms. The 3Rs of course, an ongoing journey, and many wonderful Inquiry units integrating the Sciences and Language Arts. Our senior students presented their Genius Hour projects and are now embarking on the Capstone Connect. All students are using their digital tools to facilitate their learning, and our youngest ones are developing their skills through play, centres and collaboration. Teachers have worked very hard to plan and deliver an engaging program, and to assess the learning in all areas.

We have had a lot of celebrations at Chartwell recently! We danced with Troy in January, celebrated Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, Norooz and 100th day of school. We had our Pink Shirt Day assembly and family grouping activity. Of course we had the Opening of our fabulous Learning Commons last week, and that was definitely a highlight for me, seeing the results of a tremendous collective effort by our district, school and CPAC!

As I visit classrooms on a daily basis, I am constantly impressed by the talents and abilities that our students display, by their commitment to excel and by their Rights Respecting School attitude. Social and Emotional Learning continues to be a focus at Chartwell and we are making great strides in regards to our FESL goal on learning and Inquiry.

I hope that you have the opportunity to slow down the pace and enjoy your family time during this Spring Break!