Day of Awesome

March 11, 2016 - 2 minutes read

On Thursday March 10, 2016, West Vancouver Secondary School did something that no teacher could remember having done before; we had a whole school assembly! With a school our size we have always had to run multiple assemblies in the past to meet the occupancy loads for our gyms and theatre. We are grateful to the WVFD for their support of our event in this regard.

Suitably entitled “Day of Awesome”, staff and students were entertained by, and celebrated for a wide range of talents both known and unknown. Event organizers teachers Jackie Wong, Alex Kozak, David Zimmerman, Gina Castro, and Spencer Capier put together a high energy show that highlighted the amazing talents of both staff and students alike.

Thank you to all staff who contributed to make this historic event a success! Based on the student reaction throughout the show, this will certainly become an annual event in the future. Please enjoy the following videos and pictures that highlighted a small sample of the presentations:

Our staff band of Messers Cowan, Toth, Capier, Thiel and Daudlin, with two student helpers for the high notes!

Talented grade 11 Anna Siradze on her cello!

Talented grade 11 Anna Siradze on her cello!

5 courageous staff are selected to be “decorated” – congratulations Mr. Macraild on winning this particular event!

Mr. Muselius and grade 8 Sacha Moayari show us their tricks – Mr. Kozak makes a daredevil decision at the end!

Grade 10 Brian Huang shows us that he can reset two randomized Rubic’s Cubes in one minute!

Our staff vows for a better outcome next time!