June 27, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Well another year has concluded and I am so proud to see how far all of our students have come. There has been real growth and development over the course of the past ten months. I have seen students struggle and come out on top, be risk takers and try new things, and excel in many areas.

The summer is a wonderful opportunity to reset, relax a bit, reconnect with family, and enjoy the gift of time. The days are longer and we are all a little more laid back. This summer I hope that you and your children enjoy the slower pace of the summer months and find an opportunity for quality time together.

While you are unwinding I hope that you take advantage of three opportunities:

  1. Please sign-up for the West Vancouver Memorial Library’s summer reading program. Reading a little bit each day and checking out all the library has to offer opens so many doors to our children. We want to encourage a love of reading and story, and to expose our children to new vocabulary and ideas.
  2. While your children are reading all those books, snap a few photos and send them to me ( for our “You Read it Where?” contest. We are looking for unique, interesting and scenic photos for our contest. Each photo will be entered into the contest and prizes will be awarded when we return in September. All the photos will be posted for everyone to see. So let’s see all those great snapshots of your kids reading!
  3. Unleash your summer awesome! For all of our students in Kindergarten to grade 4 I encourage you to complete your “Unleashing Summer Awesome” bingo card. Each month there is a new card and students need to complete ten of the physical activities. Some of the activities include play basketball at a school, hike Lighthouse Park, and ride a bike on a trail. We know that including time outdoors and being physically active has so many benefits and we know this helps support healthy habits for our families! Game board Link.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in September and hearing about all of your adventures!