2019-20 School Supply Lists

The supply list reflects what teachers anticipate your child will need in each grade.  “Part A – Required Supplies” are purchased as a complete package. 

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Nowrooz 2019 at IP

Thank you to the parents who helped organize and volunteered their time to help IP students learn and celebrate Nowrooz. It was a lovely day appreciated by all students and guests.

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Lunar New Year at IP 2019

Thank you to the parent committee for organizing and volunteering their time creating such an interactive and fun educational program for all students celebrating the Lunar New Year this past Friday. 

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School Zone Safety

To ensure HAYWOOD Avenue remains a safe place to drop off and pick up your students, please observe the following:

Please respect there is no parking from 8:30 –

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Irwin Park Shared Values

Irwin Park is focused on a set of five values to help guide our learning in all aspects of school life.

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