Hot Lunch Registration

The Irwin Park Hot Lunch Program is offered as a service to parents and students, and is also the school PAC’s (IPPG) biggest source of fundraising.


The Munch-A-Lunch website is open for hot lunch orders that will be delivered January 5 to March 11. There is now added flexibility to the hot lunch program in two main ways. First, the website will remain open so parents can place orders up to 48 hours prior to lunch day (e.g. Tuesday lunch orders close on Sunday, Wednesday lunch orders close on Monday, Thursday lunch orders close on Tuesday) so parents no longer need to commit to order for the full time period. Also, orders can be customized for each delivery day (ex: cheese pizza Jan 7 and pepperoni Jan 14). Be sure to order individually for each day you would like your child(ren) to receive a delivered lunch.

Irwin Park’s PAC uses a software program called Munch-A-Lunch for ordering. Go to to create your family account and/or to login and place your order. The system will navigate you through the ordering process.


Please be sure to order items your child will want to eat and remind them on hot lunch days that they will be getting lunch. As the student will be getting this same item for the entire term every other week, it is important that they are happy with their choice.

Some suppliers offer a small size portion for younger children and a larger size serving for older children. Please keep in mind that it might be necessary to supplement your older child with more food or order an additional item to provide them with enough lunch. Also don’t forget to provide your child with a snack for recess time and perhaps a fruit or vegetable to go along with their lunch.

Lastly, one tip when ordering, after you have chosen an item from a menu, you must click on the green arrow in order to add the item properly to your order. If you miss this step, you will find your order is not what you expected. A good way to check that your order is correct is to review your order at the end when prompted as that green arrow is an easy step to forget from time to time.


Consider the environment! Maker sure you send cutlery with your child if they need it for their lunch we don’t have non-disposable cutlery.

If Your Child is Absent

If your child will be absent, you may pick up their lunch at the office. If not, it may be donated to a child who has forgotten their lunch. If your child has a field trip on a lunch day, the lunches will be kept in the fridge for the students to pick up upon their return to school.


Questions, please email:

Thank you for your support!

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