Irwin Park Elementary School Code of Conduct


At Irwin Park School we believe that all students have the right to learn in an environment that is both positive and emotionally safe. To this end, it is expected that all members of the school community to be kind and conduct themselves in an ethical and lawful manner demonstrating respect and responsibility for self, others, property and the environment. These expectations apply to behaviour while at school, at school-related activity or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have impact on their school environment. In addition, all staff and students will take bystander responsibility by taking an active role if witnessing hurtful treatment of others. This may be done through use of appropriate words and/or seeking adult assistance. Behavioural expectations outlined in our Code of Conduct are printed in the school agenda, posted on the school website, and are displayed throughout the school.

Unacceptable Conduct

Guiding Principles and Considerations
Conduct and/or actions by any student that adversely affects others or the school’s learning environment, shall be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct. While it is impossible to consider all eventualities, it is expected that Irwin Park’s behavioural framework will guide student actions. Irwin Park school promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law – prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and age – in respect of discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service, and facility in the school environment.

Students will not be involved in bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, intimidation, threatening or violent behaviours while at school, at a school-related activity or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school environment.


Guiding Principles and Considerations
Students as often as possible are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful restorative consequences for violations of the established code. All reasonable steps will be taken to fix the situation and prevent retaliation against a student who has made a complaint of a breach of code of conduct. Consequences will be restorative in nature focusing on correcting the the harm done. Discipline is intended to promote the learning of self- control and to change inappropriate behaviour. The severity of incident/conduct as well as the age and maturity of students is considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action. Every effort is made to ensure that the responses to unacceptable conduct is consistent and fair and may vary depending on the age and history of the student and the dynamics of the situation or conflict. Please note that special considerations may apply to specific students if they are unable to comply with a Code of Conduct expectation due to having an identified disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature.


Parents will be informed in all serious breaches of Irwin Park’s Code of Conduct.

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