Back to School Carnival

Irwin Park’s Back to School Country and Western Carnival was  held last Thursday afternoon.   The event was a huge success and was an amazing display of community spirit. 

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Engaging our Musical Talents during the Month of December


Highlighting our journey of authentically embedding the Irwin Park Shared Values (Engage, Inquiry, Question, Communicate and Care) and celebrating where we have seen the Shared Values in action,

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Safety First

As many of you have hopefully noticed, this year Irwin Park has been promoting and educating our community about the many safety and traffic updates in our neighborhood.

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Irwin Park’s New Shared Values

Welcome to a new school year!
Over the summer we hope staff, students and families had a joyous and relaxing holiday and are now refreshed and ready to begin an exciting school year.

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Come Fly with Us

Welome back Irwin Park Families! We hope everyone had a fantastic summer filled with friends, family and much adventure. Last year I wrote about how back to school reminded me of a picture day.

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Self-Esteem? Self-Control?

I overheard the beginning of an interesting discussion this week. It began with a common theme, January goal setting centered on… you guessed it,

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Irwin Park at TEDX West Vancouver

A dedicated team of West Vancouver educators brought TEDX to our District two years ago. Their vision, the vision of TEDX,

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Online applications for 2018-2019 are accepted as of 8am on Monday, October 16, 2017 Read more
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