The Year in Review

The Year in Review

It was a great year. This is some of what we accomplished!

We really became the Bear – #bethebear became part of our vernacular

We had 3 solid whole school inquiries on top of our classroom unit inquiries

We as a staff challenged ourselves to Dare to Go Further in our inquiry learning as professionals and educators

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Words of Wisdom – The High Schooler Perspective

Each year the Caulfeild Parent Community awards a scholarship award to former Caulfeild students currently attending Rockridge Secondary. This year Dylan Freddi was our inspirational speaker.

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Words of Wisdom 2017

These are the words of wisdom I shared at our Grade 7 Farewell ceremony today…

The Chicago Bears
The Spirit Bear
The Grizzly,

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A Single Decision

The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New –

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Our Whole School Inquiry

Why is it important to be responsible?
This is an Essential Question our school is exploring across the grades through our current whole school inquiry.

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STEAM and Design Thinking: The Student Voice

Once a week our grade 6/7 students are involved in STEAM class with Mr. Andrews. Portia T. is one of our fine grade 7 students and was asked to share the student voice on this innovative aspect of iDEC learning at Caulfeild.

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At the Forefront

What school is your child going to attend next year? During my childhood you simply went to the school that was in your neighbourhood;

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What Makes Caulfeild Great

What makes Caulfeild Elementary a great school?
Our first Exploration Day is on Thursday and this is a question I expect prospective parents to ask.

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Words of Wisdom 2016

Congratulations! You are off on a new adventure; one that you can go forward and explore with confidence because you are prepared.

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Flexible Learning Spaces

Over the course of the past year we have been engaged in conversations around Learning Environments with staff, students and parents.

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