A Last Little Hill

April 8, 2021 - 4 minutes read

There is not a day that goes by at Caulfeild that I am not impressed, or amazed by the skills and learning of our students.  To the same extent, on a daily basis, I find myself witnessing leadership, support and inspiration from my staff that engages our students in doing their best while enjoying their day at iDEC.  Perhaps the most significant action that
brings me to this realization is how excited both my staff and students are to share what they are planning, learning, playing or celebrating when I visit a class or see them in the hallway.  I think I can best explain the previous phenomenon through how I plan my day.  I am not one to be in my office a great deal, but there are times that I am in a virtual meeting or working with my office team where I cannot be visiting classrooms. Basically if I have a classroom I plan to visit, I never assume that will be the only destination or conversation I will have on that trip through the school. Very simply, I cannot expect to have just one mission to supervise learning – I know there will be invitations, questions and opportunities that simply need to be on my delightfully unexpected agenda. So why do I share this day in the life of Mr. Kolkea with you? Well, it has to do with the Tweet I have included from Mr. Muthanna and Violeta in Division 3.

After sending out a COVID notification this past weekend to the Caulfeild community, I knew this may add worry to our staff, students and parents.  What it did not do, however, is diminish the drive to put students first and for our classes to focus on what is important.  In Division 3, for example, students were engaged with a question and answer activity that helped them focus on their individual social emotional needs and how to support others during these challenging times. In Division 8 students started the day Wednesday reviewing safety practices of proper mask use as part of their morning announcements and class meeting.  Our primary teams have been busy over the past two days interviewing heroes for our whole school inquiry . . . And who are these heroes? None other than some of our very own iDEC staff members such as Ms.Araya, Mr. Salarza and Mr. Lund.

These are glowing examples, from the last 48 hours, of the kind of positive school culture we have persevering across all grade levels. Yes, student safety is top of mind and part of our regular planning.  Yes we are focusing on the needs of our students and families in our community. Yes, we are leading the way with inquiry. Yes we are embracing the positive growth mindset that Violeta refers to in her Tweet.  There are hills to climb but together we can #bethebear and support each other especially when the world around us is providing challenges.