Thursday, May 27th 6-8pm

Virtual Music Bingo Night

Similar to traditional Bingo, Music Bingo replaces numbers with clips from popular songs. Music Bingo cards have song titles and artists under the B-I-N-G-O. When the songs played by the DJ appear on a player’s card, they mark it off and win prizes when specific patterns are completed, such as 1 Line, 3 Lines, and a Full Card.

To participate in the Music Bingo Night, your family needs at least 1 card; but the more the merrier and of course more chances to win a Bingo prize! Your family can also win a Participation prize by dressing in a Family themed outfit and/or participating in different activities during the event. The prizes include: a school parking spot, Principal for a day, Bear Wear gear, gift cards and more.

So come up with a name/ theme for your family (i.e. beach, Harry Potter, crazy hats) get dressed up, purchase cards and enjoy the night!

Bingo cards are $5 each. Please use this link to purchase the cards and join the fun: Simply login/create an account and select Bingo Night at the top.

The link for the event as well as your Bingo card(s) will be emailed to you on the morning of the event. You can either print the cards or use them electronically with a free app.

Filled with music, prizes, and the magic of bingo, this whole family event is not to be missed!

Ongoing Online Fundraisers

We have set up two ongoing online fundraisers. If you shop on Amazon or Indigo regularly, you can benefit your school. All you need to do is just use the links provided below and CPAC will get a percent from your purchase:

Hot Lunch

This term Hot Lunch is offered 3 days per week with Well-Fed menu on Tuesdays & Thursdays and Panago pizza on Fridays. All orders are currently closed.

The Hot Lunch program is run by PARENT VOLUNTEERS. The Hot Lunch is not run by a for-profit company. It is one of CPAC’s largest fundraisersYour hot lunch orders support our school.

Changes and Cancellations: All orders close on the date indicated above and cannot be changed or cancelled once placed. However, we are happy to facilitate refunds/changes in 3 exceptions:

  • For families and children leaving the school;
  • In special cases, such as extended illness, allergies to the hot lunch item;
  • School closures due to the Pandemic.

Please make sure your child is bringing their own cutlery regardless of whether they have hot lunch that day or not. Our hot lunch vendors do not provide cutlery. We also want to remind you that the “pack-it-in/pack-it-out” policy is still in effect which means that students are still expected to pack out their lunch waste, such as leftover food and hot lunch containers.


Show your school spirit during Bear Wear Fridays and any other time and place. Bear Wear t-shirts, hoodies, pants, hats, and scarves are available for purchase in kids and adult sizes.

The online shop is open 3-5 times a year. The sale dates are announced in the E-bulletin. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact CPAC.

2021-2022 Admissions applications available as of October 15 at 8am. All documentation will be accepted electronically.Read more