The Year in Review

July 3, 2017 - 2 minutes read


The Year in Review

It was a great year. This is some of what we accomplished!

We really became the Bear – #bethebear became part of our vernacular

We had 3 solid whole school inquiries on top of our classroom unit inquiries

We as a staff challenged ourselves to Dare to Go Further in our inquiry learning as professionals and educators

We continue to build a common language around behavior and learning that our students will hear from K-7

We became a true community of learners through collaborative learning groups as adults, through buddy time, multi-age group inquiries and grade 7 leadership

Coding and Robotics took hold in many of our classrooms

We continued to see the students move from consumers of digital to producers

We started typing classes to build student skills in grade 4

The school was repainted and looks brand new

We will be having new projectors installed in the classrooms that are currently Smartboard classes

We have before, after, Pro-D day and holiday care moving forward

We now have a Community Garden that will be part of our learning in the Fall

We are the District Ultimate Champions

Our students ran hundreds of kilometers in KM Club this season

We raised $2500 for the West Vancouver Place for Sport

We raised $7500 for One Girl Can. 15 girls in Africa now have the opportunity to attend school and get an education

We are the non-IB school in the district that does inquiry throughout the grades and classes through a formal framework

We are the school that has ubiquitous use of technology across all the grades

We are the school that has embraced and implemented modern learning spaces throughout our school.

All of the things we do are thanks to our staff, students and parents. The payoff for our community in supporting the Dare to go Further philosophy of learning is that at Caulfeild our students are members of a very progressive school that strives for excellence in all we do – the academics, arts and athletics.