My Day as Principal

December 6, 2017 - 5 minutes read

My name is Natasha C. and I’m an intermediate student at Caulfeild Elementary. On December 4, 2017 I was Principal for a Day with our actual principal Mr. Cantlie.

In the morning I was able to do the morning announcements and I was able to pick the morning music. Afterwards I led our school assembly with Mr. Cantlie. In the assembly our grade six and grade seven band played. They were fantastic. During the assembly a man from the Harvest Project named Joe came and told us about the Harvest Project; what they do to help and how they are not just a food bank. They give a “hand up, not a hand out.” This presentation was the beginning of our Whole School Inquiry on empathy and helping others.

After the assembly, we went to visit the Superintendent Mr. Kennedy. He gave me business cards and chocolate. The business cards had my name on it and the words ‘Principal for a Day’.

Here are some of the things I talked about with Mr. Kennedy:

On the 20th of this month we are having a play at Centennial Theatre called a Beary Merry Christmas, all grades will participate, and grades five, six and seven students have the opportunity to earn roles in play.

On December 13th there will the annual Santa sale we have at our school where the kids and parents donate good condition items not used at their home and the students during the school day buy the items for one dollar each. On the 21st is Hope Day where we make care packages for Harvest Project.

I also told Mr. Kennedy about our grade inquiry this year. It was about immigration and everyone had to choose an immigrant group to explore. I chose those people who came from the Ukraine since my grandpa immigrated from there as a small child.  During the inquiry we made or found artifacts that we would put in a suitcase or briefcase. I asked my grandfather about it and he gave me some of his passports and he gave me some pictures of when he was in Ukraine and Canada and the places he went on his way there. I also used the  Canadian Encyclopedia for information. Our Big Idea was: Immigration and Multiculturalism continue to shape Canadian Society and Identity.

Mr. Cantlie asked what I would do if  I was full time principal of the school and I had some ideas…We would start school at 9:30 and end at 3:35 so the students could sleep in but there was still the same amount of time in the school day. I would also have the students be taught Mandarin as well as French and have them start French in grade two instead of grade five.

During the day Mr. Cantlie and I got a snack. We went to a bakery in Dundarave where we got gingerbread men. Shortly after we went to the IGA to get some flowers for the office staff at Caulfield.  Next we went to Eagle Harbour Montessori because Mr. Cantlie is also principal there to. I think Eagle Harbour is a lovely school.

Some of the other fun principal things I was able to was ring the bells for an earlier recess and do supervision. During supervision everyone wanted a business card, literally, I had received about fifty from Mr. Kennedy and I had less than five in just a bit over five minutes! After recess I went back to my classroom and did what I would normally do in the afternoon. At the end of the day I met with Ms. Benton, our Caulfeild P.A.C. Chair as part of Mr. Cantlie’s regular meetings. At the end of the day I went home and that was the end of my day as Principal.

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