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Each parent and/or guardian of one or more students enrolled at École Cedardale is a member of our school’s PAC (EC PAC). All members are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly PAC meetings to discuss, vote on, and learn about a wide range of issues and topics relating to the school, its operations, and how we, as the parent community, help and support our children’s education.

The ECPAC recognizes that it shall not discuss school personnel, individual students or parents.

The role of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is legislated in the BC School Act and our website has links, which you’ll find on the Parents page, to sources that explain the legal background and what a PAC is meant to do.

In practice, PACs fill a liaison role whose chief role is:

  1. To advocate on behalf of parents and students and advise the school administration and staff about school programs and services, policies and procedures, facilities and equipment, and learning resources.
  2. To communicate with parents and to promote involvement between the home, the school, the district, and the community in providing for the education of children.
  3. To organize both social and fundraising PAC activities and events.

PAC News, Announcements and AGM Agendas

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