Fun Lunch FAQ's

My child has dairy and nut allergies. WIll Fun Lunch work for us?

Sushi Katsu has minimal dairy on site. The Local lift sanitize their blenders before they do our order. We ask all vendors to make sure that food is prepared in a nut free zone. Although there is a cheese free pizza option, Fresh Slice will not guarantee that their food has not come into contact with cheese because they have so much on site. Foodie Kids is also “nut-aware”, but do use cheese at their facility.

We moved from another school where we also ordered fun lunch through munchalunch. Who do we contact to change schools?

When you login to Munchalunch you can choose to CHANGE SCHOOLS – this is a new feature.

Can I pay one week at a time?

As you can imagine, FUN Lunch keeps our FUN LUNCH TEAM of volunteers quite busy, so we would prefer you pay for your full four month order before the food starts arriving.

I've just submitted my order, but need to change a few items, what do I do?

You can always ADD items to your order as a new order number, but to EDIT or DELETE, please send an email to with the following details:

  • Your name (as entered into the online order system)
  • Child’s name
  • Order number
  • Order dates and specific items to be edited or deleted
  • We will then forward this information to the online company and they will adjust and create a new order number

If orders have already been sent to suppliers, we may not be able to change orders expected within two weeks.

I wrote a cheque for my child's' order. When can I expect it be deposited?

The hard working FUN LUNCH volunteers collect cheques as they arrive, and although they are recorded in the online ordering system as paid, the cheques are picked up weekly by our VOLUNTEER treasurer. Sometimes, because cheques are deposited in batches, it may take 3-4 weeks to notice that your cheque has cleared your bank. Please be patient-we are all volunteers in this great fun raising venture.

I would like to print out my order and stick it on the fridge or somewhaere our family can see it, how do I do this?

Login to munchalunch, choose MY ACCOUNT and then “Download a Copy of My Order”.

My child is away on a fun lunch day, what happens to the food I ordered?

Many schools ask that you simply donate the food. Our extra meals go to our custodian, volunteer parents or staff. If you absolutely have to pick up the meal, please DO NOT CONTACT the school, but email as early in the day as possible to let us know when you’ll come in to pick the meal up, or in some cases to give to a sibling.

Do we have to order something for every lunch?

No. Although the order menus are clustered by item options and dates to make ordering faster for families, you can choose not to order one set of theme items for dates offered, AND you will have an option before you pay to select dates that you don’t want to include in your total order.