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A Community of Learners

Westcot Elementary School

Our School

Situated at the foot of the British Properties, near the Upper Levels Highway and Taylor Way in West Vancouver is Westcot Elementary School. Westcot Elementary is a high achieving, socially responsible learning community where our teachers and families work together to create a holistic, child centered learning environment.

The facilitation of student leadership is a thread that is woven into all of our academic programming, beginning with our young primary learners and continuing into the intermediate years. Active participation, combined with service learning and leadership opportunities are the tenets of student citizenship and community building at Westcot Elementary.​

Westcot FESL Presentation June 2021

Learning Stories

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Building a Deeper Understanding of Culture Through Weaving and Ceremony
Building a Deeper Understanding of Language Through Song
Exploring How Time in Nature Shapes Who We Are and What We Value
Learning about Community by Connecting to People, Places, and Stories


Exploring How Adaptations Connect Place and Living Things
Representing the Diversity of Canada Using Created and Found Artifacts
Designing Cities of the Future with Resilient Power Grids


Connecting the Role of Explorers and Fur Traders with the Designing and Making of Forts
Investigating Living Things Through Playful Inquiry
Investigating Human Rights Through Street Art

School News & Publications

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