Grade 3

Building a Deeper Understanding of Language Through Song

Core Competency Questions:

    • How can I use music to help me generate new ideas and learn new words?
    • How can I learn new things by using my body and voice to help me make connections?
    • How can I participate in singing to help to make sense of and deepen my understanding of the world?

The Context:

Through the lens of English Language Learning, teachers collaborated together to create learning opportunities that embraced the pedagogy of play while enhancing  vocabulary development across grade and content areas. Through the use of song as a uniting framework and inspired by the power of music,  our ELL teacher collaborated with several grade groups to create and perform songs that were written to reinforce, review and create deeper connections with the Big Ideas being taught.  Songs were created both through teacher collaboration and students’ co-creation and presentation.  Weaving these learning opportunities throughout our school community has reinforced how words, movement, and singing can enhance language skills for all.


Student Reflections

Curricular Competencies

  • English Language – Using language in creative and playful ways helps us understand how language works
  • English Language Arts –  Create stories and other texts to deepen awareness of self, family, and community
  • Arts Education – Using movement and sounds to represent meaning

ADST connections

  • Gathering information from community members to understand context
  • Skills can be developed through play, as well as learned skills, such as music

Key Questions

  • How can I learn and use new words to accomplish a task?
  • How can I build literacy skills through song?
  • How can singing help me show what I understand?
  • How can movement and music help me remember what I learn?