Grade 2

Representing the Diversity of Canada Using Created and Found Artifacts


Core Competency Questions:

      • How I can generate new ideas about Canada through research and discussion?
      • How can I use books, videos, photos, and websites to investigate my questions?
      • How can I create a suitcase artifact to present my ideas and show my learning?

The Context:

Through the lens of geography and culture, we explored the diversity of Canada. After inquiring about the geography, land and climate of Canada, students embarked on a province or territory research project.  They deepened their questioning and research skills by learning about the culture, natural environments, wildlife, climate, and Indigenous communities of their region. Students created a multidisciplinary art exploration by making a suitcase containing found and hand made artifacts to represent their learning.  Sharing and building these interactive suitcases, enabled students to deepen their understanding about each of the regions of Canada.


“I loved how engaged the students were and how much fun they were having. The more they learned, the more they wanted to learn. A student had sticky notes all over his book box. They became the experts. I hope the passion continues. My goal is to give them the joy and tools and to go and do it.” -Firouzeh Vaziri.

Student Reflections

“I enjoyed learning about NF and Labrador because when my family wants to go there for vacation, I will be the expert for packing.” – Tiffany

“I really enjoyed presenting in front of other people because they could learn from me and and when I sat down, I could learn from their presentations.” – Samuel

“I enjoyed doing all the research and learning interesting facts and knowing where to go so if I go there with my family, I’ll know what we should do and go and see.” – Julia

Curricular Competencies

  • Social Studies 2- Discovers diverse features of the environment in other parts of Canada
  • Social Studies 2- Explores relationships between people and the environment in different communities
  • Social Studies 2- Investigates diverse characteristics of communities and cultures in Canada
  • Language Arts 2- Uses sources of information and prior knowledge to make meaning
  • Fine Arts 2- Expresses ideas and understandings through creative works

ADST connections

  • Uses the technology of VR goggles to extend their understanding
  • Makes a product using known procedures and familiar materials

Key Questions

What is Canada like?  Identifying geography and cultural features
What is each province like?
What are the needs of Canadians in different regions?
How could I prepare for a visit to one region in Canada?
What is Canada like with respect to culture and geography?