Terry Fox Run & Fundraising

September 30, 2018 - 1 minute read

In early September, Kevin Manning of Bowen Island First Credit Union approached the school, and the Terry Fox Foundation before then, about sponsoring our Terry Fox Run by matching funds raised to $1 500.

Hoping to take full advantage of this generous offer, Grade 6-7 leadership students set a goal of raising at least $1 000 which was twice the amount usually raised for our Toonies for Terry campaign. Two incentives proposed by the 6-7s proved helpful in shattering this goal: our Vice-Principal Laura Magrath getting a pie thrown in her face and me having my head shaved.

On Monday (October 1) at noon, at the start of lunch, we will hold a brief assembly to follow through on those commitments as BICS students raised $2 400! This includes a very generous donation from the Bowen Island Volunteer Fire Department of $400.

Many students dug into their piggy banks, others ran a lemonade stand and many others managed to bring in a toonie or more. Thank you to families for your support and to First Credit Union. Together, we are contributing almost $4 000 to the fight against cancer. Photos to come via our twitter feed.

Thank you also to our Grade 6-7 students and their teachers for their fundraising and hosting our Terry Fox assembly and run.