The Community School Association (CSA)

CSA Mission Statement: supports the Bowen Island Community School as a hub of community life on Bowen by encouraging community development and life-long learning, leading to strong families, a healthier community and enhancement of the quality of life for all ages.

The CSA formed in 1974, and BICS adopted the community school model. The Community School Association registered under the BC Societies Act of BC on Sept 22, 1980, shortly after BICS opened its doors at the current site at 1041 Mount Gardner Road. Prior to that, it was located on Millers Road. The CSA will celebrate 50 years in 2024!


What does the CSA do?

  • Assist in coordinating community involvement in the community school and school involvement in the community
  • Promote and support community use of BICS facilities
  • Fund community school projects and events that may bring together various community groups

How can you get involved?

  • The CSA Christmas Craft Fair – Our Biggest Event and Fundraiser of the Year!
  • BIRD Refundable Containers – Recycling fun!
    Come to a meeting! Any resident of Bowen Island can join the CSA.

Some of our Projects and sponsored events: BICS Playground Installation, BICS Coffee Fund & Staff Appreciation, Community School Coordinator Funds, BICS Water Filtration, Community-Use After-Hours at BICS, Community School Art Project, Outdoor Learning Centre , Community Garden, Homework Club.

and supporting initiatives and equipment that supports the use of BICS including welcoming hand-carved signage, the stage, light, school kitchen and more, in partnership with other users and stakeholders.

We are always looking for more ideas about how to support and improve the community school,  so please bring your ideas and enthusiasm to one of our one-hour monthly meetings (Sept-June.)

Visit the CSA’s Facebook page for more information: Bowen Island Community School Association – CSA

email: or phone the Community School Coordinator at 604 947-0389 for more information

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