With the Major League Baseball season close on our heels (April 2nd to be exact), what better way to say “welcome back” from spring break than with a baseball analogy – we’ll call our educational team the Hollyburn Players.  The Hollyburn school season embraced change at the beginning of the year and hit many educational home runs because of its incredible team players along with the strong leadership of Hollyburn team captain and coach, Principal Kim Grimwood.  So far, the “Hollyburn Players” have displayed a remarkable season where students are at the centre, diversity is honored and education is leveraged not only through focused academics and connecting to the community through events such as the Pink Shirt Day Parade, but also with memorable experiences such as family days, the HPAC movie nights, and the visit from BC Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Judith Guichon.  This is a strong team, a strong community and when news was heard  that the Hollyburn team captain was going on leave for a period of time, I was chosen as Mrs. Grimwood’s pinch hitter.  In baseball, the term, pinch hitter is a substitute batter.  I am proud and honoured to be stepping in as  Acting Principal at Hollyburn Elementary.  

As Hollyburn rounds out an outstanding season of ensuring all students, families, teachers, educational staff and community members are honoured and supported, as Acting Principal I am stepping in with the purpose of making sure the “game”, that has been so skillfully and thoughtfully planned out, continues to successfully play-on.  I will continue to champion the excellent initiatives that are in place, and support our families, students, teachers and wider community to the best of my ability.  With students at the centre of my teaching and leading philosophy, as we enter the third school term with bases loaded, I will strive to collaborate with, and learn from, everyone at Hollyburn so that all players will continue to “hit it out of the park” – I am a pinch hitter with purpose and I am so happy to be joining this team of intelligent students, strong educators, thoughtful and active parents, and involved community members.  Please swing by my office dugout to learn a bit more about my stats – It’s always great to connect with players and anyone in the stands who support this outstanding school.  Welcome back everyone.

– Mr. Jody Billingsley