Staff Name


Ms. Lloyd

Ms. Miller

Ms. Denman


Ms. Needham

Mr. Loewen

Mrs. Murray

Ms. Miller

Ms. Protopappas (Ms. A)

Ms. Rochfort

Ms. McKittrick

Mrs. Forward

Ms. Nesbitt

Ms. Pasternak

Ms. Henderson

Ms. Ashford

Mrs. Wong

Ms. Stuart

Ms. Walker

Ms. Ilan

Ms. Stephenson

Mrs. Gratton

Mr. Feige





Admin Assistant


Div 1 Gr 6/7 teacher

Div 2 Gr 6/7 teacher

Div 3 Gr 6/7 teacher

Div 4 Gr 4/5 teacher

Div 4 Gr 4/5 teacher

Div 5 Gr 4/5 teacher

Div 6 Gr 3 teacher

Div 7 Gr 3 teacher

Div 8 Gr 2/3 teacher

Div 9 Gr 2 teacher

Div 10 Gr 1 teacher

Div 11 K/Gr 1 teacher

Div 12 Kindergarten

Learning Support

Learning Support

ELL Support

ELL Support

Teacher Librarian

Music teacher



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