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Our Mission

To enable students to achieve literacy, numeracy and social responsibility in a nurturing and stimulating environment

Lions Bay Community School

Our School

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A Natural Environment to Nurture Confident Leaders

Nestled in the coastal forest above How Sound, Lions Bay School provides a learning environment like no other. Students are given the unique opportunity to become globally conscious and locally active citizens through inquiry, environmental education, and place-based learning. Over seen by a Vice Principal in charge and supportive staff, our multi-aged classrooms foster leadership and social-emotional learning. Students thrive in a setting that encourages them to become independent learners who build their education on a foundation of compassion, collaboration, and critical thinking.




Framework for Enhancing Student Learning at Lions Bay School.

Lions Bay School FESL 2021-2024 

School Context: Lions Bay School is a primary school in the community of Lions Bay Village. The current student population is 33 Kindergarten through Grade Three students. The students are divided into a K/1 class and a 2/3 class.  We have the Saplings Childcare center located upstairs. The school is situated in a coastal forested area that encourages a natural outdoor learning classroom. Lions Bay village is a small close-knit community. 

Lions Bay school is an open area surrounded by windows with a beautiful view of the forest.  A lot of the activities are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. Both classes often work together for Inquiry units and other multi-aged group projects. The parents in the school are highly supportive of education, the outdoors and enroll their children in a variety of after school programs both in and out of the school.   

Identified Goal: Will the consistent use of mathematical routines, problem solving strategies, and integration of math throughout curricular areas, including place-based learning improve student learning in the area of numeracy and more specifically problem solving as evidenced by school-based Numeracy assessments reflected in the CSL document and the Numeracy Performance Standards?

Rationale for Goal: We plan to focus on the application of mathematical concepts to improve student learning and achievement in Numeracy with a focus on problem solving.  Teachers will create a balanced Numeracy programme and work on the area of problem solving through a variety of strategies including using mathematical routines, teaching problem solving strategies, and integrating mathematics throughout the curriculum including place-based experiences. Our students have demonstrated that they enjoy many aspects of mathematics.  Teachers have noted that problem solving is an area that many students find challenging.  

Lions Bay students and families highly value mathematics and want to support their children in the area of Numeracy. We have many opportunities at the school to establish consistent routines, and to integrate mathematics into all curricular areas because we are a small school and the teachers work together to create mathematical programmes to help the students grow in the area of Numeracy.   

Due to the natural surroundings in the school, we can give the students many place-based experiences to develop mathematical concepts.  We also see value in integrating Mathematics into various curricular areas including Social Studies, Science, Art and Physical Education.  

We have also aligned our goal with Gleneagles Elementary so there is family continuity.  Families with students in both schools will learn about a variety of concepts to help students improve in the area of Numeracy. 

Furthermore, our Numeracy goals align with the West Vancouver’s School District goal of Numeracy.  We hope to enhance the focus on numeracy and work with the School District to delve in this area and support our students in Mathematics. 

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School News & Publications

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Farewell and congratulations to our Grade 3 students. Thanks to Maeya (former Lions Bay student) for creating the below video and former parent John Pappas for filming.

 LB Grad Video (2021) – NO NAMES.mp4


Lions Bay Interpretive Forest Walk

Published on May 30, 2019

Please enjoy our Forest Walk. We have 15 stations that can be found throughout the Lions Bay School grounds.

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