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To enable students to achieve literacy, numeracy and social responsibility in a nurturing and stimulating environment

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A Natural Environment to Nurture Confident Leaders

Nestled in the coastal forest above How Sound, Lions Bay School provides a learning environment like no other. Students are given the unique opportunity to become globally conscious and locally active citizens through inquiry, environmental education, and place-based learning. Over seen by a Vice Principal in charge and supportive staff, our multi-aged classrooms foster leadership and social-emotional learning. Students thrive in a setting that encourages them to become independent learners who build their education on a foundation of compassion, collaboration, and critical thinking.

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Framework for Enhancing Student Learning at Lions Bay School.

This year marked the culmination of a four year journey on our Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) with a focus on building primary literacy skills most specifically in the area of reading fluency.  Over the last four years the Lions Bay instructional team have implemented the Open Court Reading programme as a tool to cover the five pillars of reading instruction as defined by the National Reading Panel.  These five pillars include phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. We have supplemented our reading programme with kinesthetic learning opportunities, outdoor literacy activities as well as flexible learning groups.  We tracked and assessed our students using five different assessment tools over the last four years and observed an upward trend in reading achievement scores. Our current Grade 3 cohort has been part of this reading approach since Kindergarten and we are pleased to say that all of these children are fully meeting grade level expectations in reading.  While Lions Bay will select a different focus for student learning in the coming three years, our teaching team is committed to carrying forth the skills and context acquired during this period. We are deeply thankful to our parents, our district and our school team for the support that has been provided over these years for these children.  

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Farewell and congratulations to our Grade 3 students. Thanks to Maeya (former Lions Bay student) for creating the below video and former parent John Pappas for filming.

 LB Grad Video (2021) – NO NAMES.mp4


Lions Bay Interpretive Forest Walk

Published on May 30, 2019

Please enjoy our Forest Walk. We have 15 stations that can be found throughout the Lions Bay School grounds.

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