Empathy Building

The Roots Project

Empathy building is so vital in a child’s development. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a focus here at Lions Bay. It promotes positive relationships, enhances problem solving skills and prepares students to be able to manage their emotions in an appropriate manner in the world. The Roots of Empathy program is an avenue that enhances social emotional learning and fosters empathy in children. Students in K and grade 1 study the development stages of a baby from their community and build empathy through interacting and reflecting on how the baby grows over a number of months. We are very lucky to have Alina Brockie as our ROE coordinator at Lions Bay and we look forward to watching the students grow with their empathy from this amazing program. If you wish to know more about this program please visit the Roots of Empathy website.

Connect with the senior generation

Grand Buddies Project

Lions Bay prides itself on connecting to the wider community. This year we expanded out to the village and invited the senior population in to work with the students at Lions Bay.  The project, named the Grand Buddies Project, welcomes Lions Bay seniors into the school to work with students on literacy skills.  The idea is for students to connect with the senior generation, to reinforce literacy skills and to enhance social emotional learning.  This year the students interviewed the Grand Buddies and listened to their stories of how they came to be in Lions Bay.  This was such a success and we hope to continue this connection in the 2011-2012 school year.