Please enjoy our Forest Walk. We have 15 stations that can be found throughout the Lions Bay School grounds. See if you can find them all! Click on the QR codes to visit our website to find information on local plants and animals. Created by Lions Bay studentsĀ from Kindergarten to Grade Three. (Photo Credit: Grade Two student)

Our Lions Bay School Interpretive Forest Walk was developed to support students in place-based learning. This project was multi-disciplinary, incorporating students’ research and exploration around local plants and animals, developing ADST (Applied Design Skills and Technologies) skills by building the structures you see throughout this forest, and focusing on technology skills as students created a web-page and used BookCreator and QR codes to display their information. Place-based education fosters students’ connections to place, creating vibrant partnerships between schools and communities. It helps students learn to take care of their world by understanding where they live and taking action in their own backyards and communities. Our hope is that Lions Bay students will take the myriad of discoveries they have made through this project and venture out into their future journey with confidence and a desire to become lifelong learners and leaders.