Opportunities available to GEC parents

The following is a list of opportunities that the PAC has organized and would like to share with you. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the GEC PAC; the percentage is different with each vendor. Some of these are timely experiences that we wanted to share with you, as well as the opportunity to donate directly to the GEC PAC through school cash online, a donation that will generate a tax receipt. Don’t miss out on some of these great opportunities.


If you are looking for a tax-deductable donation opportunity this option will provide you with a tax receipt. 100% of this donation will go towards helping the GEC PAC support our Gleneagles Cha’x’ay Elementary students. The money raised from this fundraiser may be used to fund the following activities and any excess or unused funds will be spent in support of students at Gleneagles Ch’axay Elementary School:
• School-wide arts programs such as a school-wide art project or dance program
• Art supplies
• Purchase of ipads and other digital equipment to be shared among classrooms
• Zen Makerlab and other STEAM consumables

Donate to Gleneagles PAC

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Admissions for the 24/25 school year are openClick here for eligibility and timelines