Looking Ahead

One of the first events of the new year that I look forward to is the annual upcoming CES show,

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Education for a Changing World

The solar eclipse this summer was an amazing natural occurrence sparking so many questions. I sat with a varied group of individuals afterwards,

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Thinking Big

The other night I sat around a table with a bunch of millennials and the big question was what will it be like when we can upload our brains to the web?

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Cultural Education

It all begins with Cosmic Education. Cosmic Education is the keystone of Montessori Philosophy. It was Maria Montessori’s belief that cosmic education allowed for a clearer understanding of the natural world and each person’s connection to it.

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Changing the Way We Educate

For over thirty years now I have been a passionate educator in our school system and raised three of my own children to adulthood.

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Grace Courtesy & Civilty

Respect, grace and courtesy are the foundation of how we conduct ourselves in the Montessori world. Schools in general today look to programs that assist teachers in promoting values and character education.

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