Career Education


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What are Career Programs?

These programs provide students with opportunities to enhance their understanding of various career options. Students will:

  • Build closer associations with working adults who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise;
  • Develop job skills and gain important practical experience;
  • Explore a variety of potential career options by assessing their abilities and interests in a specific field;
  • Acquire confidence and self-reliance in preparation for further education or future employment;
  • Enhance in-school curriculum by relating the classroom instruction to the relevant work environments.

How can students participate?

The level of involvement is up to you!

Preparation and Selection:

Students should contact their home school Career Programs office to schedule an appointment with a Career Program Advisor.

Rockridge Secondary School: 604.981.1300
Sentinel Secondary School: 604.981.1130
West Vancouver Secondary School: 604.981.1100

Students will meet with an Advisor to determine which of the many types of programs and work experience options might be a good fit for their interests and post-secondary plans.

The Career Program Advisor will then work with the student to determine the best fit between the school and our various community employer partners.

Supervision of Work:
  • Students are supervised by an employer or employee who is responsible for their on-the-job training
  • The type of work the students do is determined by the employer/supervisor, the teacher and the student’s initiative
  • Student progress is monitored by Career Program Advisor through contact with the supervisor at the placement site
How are the students prepared for placement?
  • Students are interviewed by school staff to assess their interests/aptitudes
  • Students complete pre-employment orientation consisting of interview skills, resume writing, site-safety awareness, various employment skill requirements, appropriate dress, etc.
  • Students may be required to attend an interview with the employer prior to placement

Student Benefits

  • Explore a variety of career choices to help make informed decisions about your future;
  • Gain experience in a variety of work place situations;
  • Develop awareness of personal qualities essential for success in post-secondary education and in the future workplace;
  • Increase confidence and self-reliance, while improving employability skills
  • Obtain references and contacts that may assist in further education and future career opportunities.

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