Career Education


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Why get involved?

Strong, continuing partnerships are built between schools and community/employers so that students gain the knowledge and experience to make sound educational career decisions. Career development benefits employers and the community.

Employer Benefits
  • Employers receive public recognition for their community service;
  • They develop sources of potential employees who have relevant employment skills and on-the-job training;
  • They provide a leadership role in our community by teaching a student skills that can be resourced in the future;
  • They develop thier own employee supervisory and evaluation skills;
  • They provide students with the opportunity to understand the link between their classroom-based learning and the world of employment;
  • They can positively influence young people’s attitudes towards work.
Community Benefits
  • Enhance greater understanding between students and community employers;
  • Promote awareness of job opportunities within our schools;
  • Expand local partnerships with the education system.

For more information

Rockridge Secondary School: 604.981.1300
Sentinel Secondary School: 604.981.1130
West Vancouver Secondary School: 604.981.1100