MYP Personal Project

Personal Project Course Description

IB Middle Years Program 10



In the final year of the program (grade 10) the students “engage in a personal project which allows them to demonstrate the understanding and skills they have developed throughout the program”.

The Personal Project is a 2 credit course that is required to complete the certificate for the MYP programme. The course involves choosing a topic that interests the student personally and a global context that helps the student to develop a project with a clear and specific focus.

During the course, the student will investigate, plan, take action, reflect, report and present the personal project. The assessment of the course involves a process journal (record of involvement in the course), product or outcome (Performances: play, dance, song, speech, Published writing: creative prose, collection of poetry, major essay, extended article, script, review, Events: Fund-raising evening, service in action, celebration, major event, Static visual displays: photographs, art, poster, model, artefact, drawings, statistical data or Interactive displays: web site, video, audio-visual, animation) and a final report.

At specific intervals during the course, students will meet with their supervisor to:

  •   discuss the global context and topic/question to ensure they complement each other
  •   create a schedule for completing the project
  •   discuss and review the student’s progress with the project
  •   get help when a part of the project starts to present difficulties

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