Year End Reflection and Thank You

June 28, 2019 - 5 minutes read

Last week we celebrated the accomplishments of our grade 7 leaving class, the Class of 2019 and this week we reflected on the many activities and accomplishments of the entire Ridgeview student body.

All students are unique, all are in different places in their learning. I hope all continue to actively explorer who they are as a learner, discover their strengths, their areas for improvement, and perhaps find a passion that will sustain their interest and help them to grow and thrive through their schooling years and beyond.

Collectively, Ridgeview students have participated, served and led in a number of activities, individually, with one another and under the guidance of their teachers. Taking part in the many opportunities offered at school supports growth and strengthens the core competencies of thinking, communicating, and personal and social development.

Student willingness to be open to new ideas, to understand the importance of the group think, to reflect on personal actions and make principled decisions, to set personal goals and to have the courage to pursue interests, despite endless distractions, are key determinants to student success at school and in life.

A special thank you to our student leaders, for their courage to extend learning beyond the classroom and lead initiatives that impact us all. Never underestimate the importance of your contributions at school and within the greater community. Your actions, no matter how small, make a difference.

Personally, I would like to thank all Ridgeview students, families and staff for being a big part of my life for the past many years. During our final year-end assembly, students and staff surprised me with a lovely gift to remember my Ridgeview school family. More surprising than the beautiful gift is the fact that 400+ kids, staff, and parents kept this a secret from me! I was very touched by the beautiful gift and memories (see the beautiful charms and sentiments below) shared and presented during the assembly. Thank you all for your generosity and thank you for your part in my professional journey.

On behalf of myself and staff, best wishes for a safe, happy, and rejuvenating summer holiday.


Presentation from Ridgeview students to Mrs. Brady

FAREWELL, Mrs. Brady!

The Kindergarten classes chose this Royal charm to represent our love of fairy tales and all things sparkly & magical.  You are our Queen!

The Grade One classes chose this wise Owl charm to represent your wisdom and guidance in our school community.  Thank you for giving a hoot!

The Grade Two classes chose this Butterfly charm to represent our metamorphosis…Thank you for helping us spread our wings!

The Grade Three classes chose this Family Tree charm to represent the importance of our school family.  You are the loving head of our family!

The Grade Four classes chose this Sea Turtle charm to represent your compassion and support of our environmental & social activism.  Save Our Seas!

The Grade Five classes chose this Bicycle charm to represent our wish for you to savour your leisure time in retirement.  Enjoy the ride!

The Grade Six classes chose this Earth charm to represent our study of global issues.  Thank you for showing  the importance of global citizenship!

The Grade Seven classes chose this Graduation charm to represent our time together coming to an end at elementary school as we both leave Ridgeview to embark on exciting, new adventures.

The Staff chose the Dragon & Teal Jewel charms to represent the mascot and colours of Ridgeview.  Like the dragon, you have been a fearless, fierce and favulous leader.  You have led us with strength and grace.  You have given us stability and been an advocate for our wellness both personally and professionally.  Your passion for education and compassion for students will not be forgotten.

Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon


Thank you Ridgeview. Heartfelt best wishes for a wonderful summer holiday!