Why Blog?

June 2, 2019 - 3 minutes read

It has been over 10 years since I first started blogging. At the urging of WVS Superintendent Chris Kennedy, all WV principals were challenged to create professional blogs. Back in 2008, I didn’t know much at all about blogging but nevertheless took the opportunity to set up a school blog thinking it would be a good way to connect with parents.

Little did I know that there can be so many educational benefits from consistently creating and posting content through blogging.

The first obvious benefit of writing a school blog is having a place to document thoughts and artifacts. Reviewing past posts, readers get a good idea about what is important in schools and specifically what is being celebrated. The school blog captures evidence of student learning and important school matters.

Blogging has helped me to navigate many new literacies and skills essential to successfully navigate 21st century life. The new literacies include things like digital citizenship, curation, critical evaluation, visual literacies and so on. The essential skills include problem solving, critical thinking and cultural awareness. Reading and writing online is hyperlinked and blogging provides a good venue for developing traditional and new literacy skills in an authentic and ongoing way. True confession, I continue to stretch my learning in these areas and try to showcase learning, post reflections, post question prompts to engage readers. Thanks for sticking with me!

Effective two-way communication between home and school is so important. Many parents and families, and website explorers find that reading the principal or school blog provides a virtual window into the school. Whether individuals comment on the blog or use the information as a conversation starter at home or in the community, ideas are shared.

A real sense of identity and school community can be developed through blogging. Blogs provide an audience beyond the school for educational matters.

And importantly, blogging about educational matters is purposeful. Writing to share, celebrate, and educate not only helps the blogger reflect on key matters within the school, but also helps the reader better understand what happens in schools.

The world is evolving. Ten years ago few were able to access information on the web while mobile, and blogging was a relatively new thing. Now? Everything is slowly turning to digital. Blogging is a great way to reflect, create and share educational matters. The principal blog celebrates and educates.

Check out the Principal Blog at Ridgeview to learn about important learning matters at Ridgeview.

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