Action Plan for Learning

Mission Statement:
At Ridgeview, students, staff and parents believe that as a community of learners we must create and preserve a safe, calm and caring environment where EVERYONE is welcomed, respected and valued, and able to learn and achieve at their personal best.

Goal #1:  To improve student learning through the integration of an Inquiry-based approach into instruction and student learning.

  • Through the use of the Ridgeview Inquiry Framework students will develop a supported skill set to develop a deeper understanding of curricular topics
  • To improve students’ skills in Digital Literacy so that it can be used to support an Inquiry Based Approach

Goal #2: To increase student self-awareness of the Student Profiles to improve achievement and focus on learning.

  • To familiarize students with the meaning of the Student Profiles and develop common language so that all students are able to identify, apply and make thoughtful choices around their learning.