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Introduction and Overview of Program:

The Premier Integrated Science program is a choice program offered to full time students who are currently enrolled at Ecole Sentinel Secondary, Rockridge Secondary or West Vancouver Secondary.

This program has been re-envisioned and re-designed to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of science, and presents an integrated approach to biology, chemistry, and biochemistry.  This program provides students with the unique opportunity to perform experiments in world-class academic institutions located in our community.

Additionally, students will engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary field studies under the direction of scientists who are experts in their respective fields. Consistent collaboration with our local universities, science organizations and interested community partners will enable our students to explore science while earning credits for two Grade 11 science courses: Pre-AP Chemistry 11 and Pre-AP Life Sciences 11.


This program has bundled two science courses, Pre-AP Chemistry 11, and Pre-AP Biology 11, to provide a unique opportunity for cross-curricular understanding and deepened content exploration.

West Vancouver Schools (WVS) teachers Ms. Battram and Mr. Huang are the teachers involved in the planning and delivery of the program. They work collaboratively to organize the curricular content into meaningful learning experiences and thoughtfully co-create a biochemistry unit for the students that bridges the gap between the two courses.

Students will learn to observe, question, collect, connect, conclude, and apply like scientists. They will also:

  • Develop extensive laboratory skills through the many on and off-site investigations offered through this program.
  • Learn the AP Chemistry and AP Biology curricula in a more interconnected manner, allowing for a deeper understanding of content and a better application of knowledge to novel circumstances, like those that will be given in the free-response portion of the AP exams.
  • Collaborate with local scientists, professors and graduate students while learning about current research projects.
  • Begin acclimating to university-level expectations in lab work, written work, and communication with working professionals.
  • Build a strong and diverse resume for university applications that will demonstrate their passion for science, breadth and depth of knowledge, and extensive experience as a young scientist.
  • Make connections with local professionals which could assist with their future academic and career goals.

Program Specifics:

The Integrated Science Program will teach biology and chemistry at the AP level, alongside selected topics of biochemistry. This program will provide students with the unique opportunity to perform experiments in world-class, academic institutions located in our community. Scientists at UBC, SFU and PSEC will offer valuable expertise, resources, and assistance with the design and development of inquiry-based investigations.

In addition to the AP laboratory experiments laid out by the College Board, students will also be provided with the opportunity to engage more authentically with the curricula through a variety of other learning experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Using advanced scientific equipment in UBC, SFU and PSEC lab spaces
  • Collecting and analyzing authentic data for local, Canadian scientists
  • Participating in community-based volunteer opportunities
  • Exploring the curriculum through a variety of field trips

The number of spots for this program is limited so we are looking for students from each of the district’s three secondary schools (Rockridge, West Vancouver Secondary School & Sentinel Secondary) who are interested in what will be a very exciting and unique experience – working closely with their teachers and local scientists.  Additionally, it is important to note that in the current semester scheduling system, both courses will take place in Semester 2.

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Sample Past Guest Presenters

  • Science World’s Future Science Leaders Workshops with Dr. Jenny McQueen (how to read a scientific paper, honing scientific analysis and graphing skills)
  • Biomedical Physiology & Molecular Biology at SFU (Nadine Wicks)
  • Studying at Harvard (Dennis Huang)
  • Genetically Modified Fish Sampling (Jeremy, lab technician)
  • Soil analysis (Cher LaCoste)
  • Marine Life Sanctuaries/Glass Sponges (Glen Dennison & Sheila Byers)
  • DFO Whale Protection Unit (Catriona Day)
  • GIS Demo and Sample Investigation (Theresa Coyle)
  • Aquatic Invasive Species (Brett Howard)
  • Genetics & Genome Research (Rosalind Leggatt)
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Sample Past Field Trips

  • Britannia Mine Museum (Water Pollution & Remediation)
  • SFU Full Lab Day (Biotechnology, Microscopy, Human Anatomy)
  • Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Evolution Lab), UBC Campus Tour & Talk with Science One
  • VanDusen Botanical Gardens (guided garden tour with First Nations Perspective; plant diversity and evolution)
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding with Ocean Ambassadors Canada (shoreline diversity survey, ocean appreciation)

Tuition $2000 per year or $200 per month (September – June)

The fee includes bus transportation to off-site locations, field trips, and a variety of teaching & learning experiences and resources.

Requirements & Registration

Students selected for this program will be required to commit for the entire school year (September to June) and will strive to demonstrate:

  • Motivation and passion for biology, chemistry and biochemistry and an interest in local and global science issues.
  • Strong academic performance and work habits
  • Effective communication skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively with both peers and adults

Contact Information

Jeffrey Huang – jhuang@wvschools.ca

Cassie Battram – cbattram@wvschools.ca

Students interested in the Premier Integrated Science program must submit the Student Information Form