For Females entering Grades 5 & 6

The Big Bad Bot Builders (BBBB) – Girl Powered program provides students with the opportunity to explore various elements of mechatronics & robotics. Students will not only participate in a variety of challenges, but they will also have the option of participating in local tournaments throughout the school year.

As well, there will also be several Robotics tournaments (TBC) held in the Greater Vancouver area whereby the students in this program will have the opportunity to observe robots in action, built by our students at the secondary school level.

Those in the BBBB program will also have the opportunity to volunteer at these tournaments as “field setters” which would involve resetting the field elements between robotics matches. Students would not only get front row seats to watch the action, but they would also have lunch provided.

The goal for the students in the BBBB program is to build robots using the VEX IQ system, working individually or in small teams to design, build and test various robots. These hands-on experiences require a willingness of students to take risks, not worry about making mistakes, and to persevere.

Students participating in the BBBB – Girl Powered program joining for the first time will receive the VEX IQ Super Kit.


The Ignite Your Passion program runs one day per week throughout the school year.

Day and time to be confirmed upon registration
Location:  West Vancouver Secondary School

Start Date:  Week of September 12, 2022
End Date: Week of September 19, 2023

Students interested in this program, complete & submit the Student Information Form. Once the teacher reviews the application form & confirms student acceptance into the program, Assistant, Tara Ledingham will follow up with the applicable paperwork.

TeacherLocationCostPlease fill out form
Dr. Mahesh Chugani & Jeff HuangWest Vancouver Secondary School$1750 per year ($175 per month)Student Information Form

Refund Policy: If a student withdraws, the fee for the VEX kit provided for each student will be charged to cover the cost.

Registration & Process for Selection

Registration is open.

Complete & submit the online Student Information Form

Immediately following the online submission of the Student Information Form, submit the student’s most recent report card.

If the report card is not yet available, please communicate this to Assistant, Tara Ledingham ( and then follow up with this current report card submission when available. Students will not be confirmed without the Academy Office receiving a copy of the recent report card.

This program is for those students who display the ability to listen, follow instructions, complete assigned tasks, and work well with others. As well, we work to create and sustain a positive, nurturing work environment for all students. We expect students to be responsible and respectful to their peers and their teachers.

*While this program includes students at two grade levels, this is a one-year program. If First Year students are eligible (e.g., grade level) and request to return to the program for a second year, the student must receive approval by the teacher to return. Confirmation will be communicated to parents by the Academy Office.

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