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Introduction and Overview of Program:

The Premier Environmental Science program is a choice program offered to full time students who are currently enrolled at Ecole Sentinel Secondary, Rockridge Secondary or West Vancouver Secondary.  The program takes place at the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC) located at 4160 Marine Dr, West Vancouver.  The West Vancouver School District’s strong partnership with PSEC has created an exceptional education experience for our students.

West Vancouver’s Premier Environmental Science Program has been re-envisioned and re-designed to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field.  This program provides students with the unique opportunity to perform experiments in a world-class academic institution located right in our community.  Additionally, students will engage in hands-on, interdisciplinary field studies under the direction of scientists who are experts in their respective fields.  Consistent collaboration with PSEC and interested community partners will enable our students to explore science through our local environment while earning credits for three Grade 11 science courses.

Goals and Program Specifics:


This program has bundled three science courses together to provide a unique opportunity for cross-curricular understanding and deepened content exploration.

West Vancouver teachers (Ms. Battram and Mr. Huang) will be involved in the planning and delivery of the program.  The goal is to work collaboratively to organize the curricular content in a meaningful way for students.  Over the course of the school year, students will earn credits for Chemistry 11 (or Pre-AP), Life Sciences 11 (or Pre-AP) and Environmental Science 11 (or Pre-AP).  We are looking for a limited number of students from each of the district’s three secondary schools who are interested in what will be a very exciting and unique experience – working closely with their teachers and local scientists.  Additionally, it is important to note that while three courses will be offered, one of them will occur outside the timetable (during x block).

Students will learn to observe, question, collect, connect, and conclude like scientists.  They will also:

  • Identify and analyze natural and human-made environmental problems and evaluate the relative risks associated with these problems
  • Examine alternative solutions for resolving or preventing these issues
  • Recognize that environmental science is interdisciplinary and requires embracing topics from geology, biology, environmental science, chemistry and geography

Program Specifics:

This program is designed to focus on environmental science rather than environmental studies.  The course will include a strong laboratory and field investigation component.  In addition to the instruction provided by the Science teachers, students will engage with the content through a variety of other learning experiences, such as:

  • Seminar-based learning and delivery of the AP curriculum
  • Skills-based lessons and case studies
  • Mentorship from scientists at PSEC
  • Outdoor field research experiences and data collection
  • Guest sessions from community partners, with a focus on field experiences and local issues
  • Community-based volunteer opportunities

Several unifying ‘Big Ideas’ cut across the three courses, which will provide for an integrated curriculum:

  • Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes
  • The earth itself has interconnected processes creating a unified system
  • Humans alter natural processes
  • Environmental altercations have a cultural and social context
  • Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable processes and maintain functional systems

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The Pacific Science Enterprise Centre:

  • A world-class institute actively advancing scientific knowledge, the Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC) is a hub of innovation and collaboration with multiple community partners
  • Learning with the Environmental Science program happens at PSEC on the stunning West Vancouver waterfront


Bus Transport:

  • One way bus transportation is provided from Rockridge, Ecole Sentinel and West Vancouver Secondary to Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (4160 Marine Drive, West Vancouver). Parents are responsible for pick-up at the end of the session.  Public bus transportation is available on Marine Drive – a short walk from PSEC.

Tuition $2000 per year or $200 per month (September – June)

This includes bus transportation to PSEC as well as other field trips and course material.

Requirements & Registration

Students selected for this program will be required to commit for the entire school year (September to June) and will strive to demonstrate:

  • Motivation and passion for environmental science and an interest in local environmental issues
  • Strong academic performance and work habits
  • Effective communication skills
  • The ability to work collaboratively with both peers and adults

Contact Information

Jeffrey Huang – jhuang@wvschools.ca

Cassie Battram – cbattram@wvschools.ca

Students interested in the Premier Environmental Science program must submit the Student Information Form.