Your First Few months!

August 20, 2015 - 1 minute read

What to expect in your first few months in West Vancouver

Everyone who travels to a new country will experience many different emotions, both positive and negative. These feelings are collectively called culture shock.

There are three main phases to culture shock. The Honeymoon Phase is where you feel great about everything. You’re not worried about school, your homestay, the food, or the new language.

The Difficult Phase is when you struggle to keep up with new customs and the non-stop use of English. School might start to be very difficult and your exams seem much more difficult than in your home country. You will probably change your eating and sleeping habits, too.

Finally, the Adaptation Phase shows that you have learned a lot during your time in West Vancouver. You are more comfortable moving around the city, using English every day, and interacting with your homestay family. Your eating and sleeping habits also return to normal.

Please remember that your feelings are normal. Everybody who travels to a new country experiences culture shock! There are many people that can help you in West Vancouver Schools. Come by the International Programs office to visit us (or email us) and see how we can help you adjust to your life in West Vancouver.