Leaving for the summer?

April 20, 2016 - 1 minute read

Here are six important tips!

  • Please verify with your counsellor that you are not departing before all necessary exams are written.
  • Let Martina or Yasuko, our Homestay Coordinators, know when you are heading out! Email homestay@wvschools.ca your departure flight and date.
  • Travel Letter: All returning students should obtain a Travel Letter to return to Canada. Please provide your departure and arrival flight details to Martina or Yasuko. This is essential!
  • Any student who is NOT planning to stay with their current homestay family in September MUST notify the homestay coordinators immediately. We need to know your housing plans for September.
  • Airport Transportation: Don’t forget – You need to arrange your own transportation to the airport when returning home. You also need to arrange transportation to your homestay when you return in September.
  • Homestay Fees for June: Please note that even if you are leaving earlier than June 30, you are required to pay your homestay for the full month of June ($900).