Leaving for the summer but coming back to graduate?

May 9, 2016 - 3 minutes read

If you are planning to graduate next year (or later), please check out these tips:

  1. Provincial Exams – Do I write them? : YES!  Check with your teachers/counsellor.  You should be writing any provincial exam that your teachers or counsellor instructs you to write. This is the June exam schedule: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/handbook/1516/2015-16_exam_schedule.pdf Good luck!
  1. Last day of classes :  The last day of regular class is Tuesday June 21.  You must stay until you have completed all of your exams.  June 29 is when you can pick up your report card at the school.
  1. Staying this summer?:  Long term students who are staying in BC to take summer classes MUST inform our office (homestay@wvschools.ca) of their plans.   Otherwise, you should be on a flight home by June 30, 2016. 
  1. Home sweet Home:  Our office must know where you are staying (private accommodation or our homestay families) this summer and next year!  Please contact the homestay coordinators as soon as possible and let them know your plans for accommodation.  homestay@wvschools.ca.
  1. Flight details: Your homestay coordinator needs to have your flight details for your return flight home. If your flights have changed, please make sure the homestay coordinator is aware! You need a letter from us to ensure a smooth return to Canada!  Don’t forget – you need to arrange your own transportation to the airport.  See us if you need help! homestay@wvschools.ca
  1. Report cards:  Report cards are given out at your school Wednesday June 29. However, many of you are leaving before then.  Our office will email a copy of your report card to you, your family and your agent.  We do this for all students.  We keep a copy on our file. Questions: international.office@wvschools.ca
  1. Validation of Report Cards:  Students from Mexico, Brazil, and Spain–we will be validating your report cards with the Embassy and they will be sent to your agent by priority mail.   Students from Italy – we will be notarizing your report cards and sending them to your agent by priority mail.  Questions: international.office@wvschools.ca
  1. Curfew:  Please remember that curfew and all rules are still in place until you are back in your home countries.  Make sure you have a positive end to this wonderful journey.
  1. Saying goodbye: Don’t forget to say goodbye to your counsellor and teachers (and return all textbooks).  I am sure your homestay families will be sad to see you leave! Leaving a thank you card or letter is always a nice gesture.
  1. Graphing Calculators: Any students who borrowed a graphing calculator from our office, needs to return the calculator to our office (1075 21 Street) to obtain their refund.