Hollyburn Elementary is proud to announce that we now provide before and after-school care for primary-aged students and their siblings. The program is operated by the school and the West Vancouver School District and offers educational, play-based programming taught by Early Childhood Educators at an affordable cost to families.

Website: https://sites.google.com/sd45.bc.ca/seamlessday

The Seamless Day program provides continuous care and support for children from the early morning, throughout the school day, and into the early evening. The in-school setting paired with familiar educators allows for smoother transitions and more predictable routines. Space and program are thoughtfully designed to feel relaxed and calm, encouraging the child to ease into the morning and unwind in the afternoon. The Seamless Day program has strong links to the British Columbia Early Learning Framework with their values and pedagogies intertwined, with specific focus on wellbeing, holistic learning, and inclusive practice. Educators base the program around the children’s ever-changing curiosities, continually reflecting and making changes inspired by their needs, interests, and abilities. 

The Vision of the Early Learning Framework is “Respectfully Living and Learning Together,” which is the intention and guiding principle of the Seamless Day program. Early Childhood Educators meet children where they are in terms of development and support them in their explorations and growth. The Living Inquiries defined by the Early Learning Framework serve as foundations for interpreting and expanding children’s play and learning, with their Pathways providing more specific milestones along the way. 

In addition to the Early Learning Framework Principles, the Seamless Day program will also use the First Peoples Principles of Learning and Indigenous Values and Beliefs to deepen the understanding and experience for educators, children and families. With a stronger focus on All World Relations and the interconnectedness of all things, these ideologies both complement and inspire the values of holistic learning and well-being in Early Childhood Care and Education. 

Why play-based?

Play is essential for children’s holistic development and should have a central role in Early Childhood Education and Care. The benefits of play are recognized in current research and the lived experiences of children and their educators. Play is considered so essential in the early years that it is embedded into the Convention on the Rights of the Child and is promoted by Public Health organizations world-wide. The Play to Learn philosophy has been studied for decades, and data consistently shows the power and complexity of learning that occurs through play. The B.C government understands the importance of play, its role in high-quality care and education, and is committed to providing structural and organizational supports that encourage play in the early years. 

Play allows children to gain an understanding of themselves and the world they live in and is linked to multiple domains of development. These domains of development include social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. The Early Learning Framework uses the term Living Inquiries to define areas of learning as well-being and belonging, engagement with others, materials and the world, communication and literacies, identities, social responsibility, and diversity.

To Register, contact principal Nathan Blackburn; nblackburn@wvschools.ca

Hours of Operation

Hollyburn Seamless Day schedule 7:30 am – 6:00 pm

7:30 am to 8:40 am – Welcome / Open / Breakfast (provided by parents//caregivers) Learning activities with Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

8:40 am Children move to their classrooms for the school day

2:40 pm -6:00 pm Indoor and Outdoor activities with Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

Program Fees

Full time before and after school care -$350.00

Full time before school care only– $100.00

Full time after school care only– $250.00