Terry Fox National School Run Day

May 19, 2016 - 2 minutes read

This year is the 35th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run. To commemorate the legacy of Terry Fox, Sentinel students and staff will run/walk together to raise awareness for cancer research!
Terry Fox often said that is was the youth who would carry forth his efforts and work towards a world without cancer. Millions of students across Canada take part in the Terry Fox National School Run Day every year raising funds for cancer research. It is one of the largest fundraising events in Canadian history and one of the largest displays of solidarity this planet has ever seen! By participating, our school community will help share in Terry’s example of courage, strength and hope.

This Wednesday, September 30th, Sentinel will be a part of this history! The run will take place during Collaboration Time (11:40 – 12:50). At the end of their 1 – 1 block., students will be escorted out to the courtyard. After a dynamic warm up and a final reminder of the clear expectations, everyone will embark on the 20 – 40 minute run/walk. We ask that students wear appropriate clothing/shoes on this day as we will take part rain or shine. Upon completion of the route and return to the school, students will report to their block 1 – 1 teacher before being dismissed for lunch. Students are reminded to please leave all personal belongings in their 1-1 class and pick them up at the end.

This is a fundraising event. Students are encouraged to gather pledges. Pledge forms can be downloaded here or picked up from the main office. Students should bring any monies raised to their 1-1 teacher or drop it off in the counselling suite. For students not gathering pledges, Sentinel encourages a donation of a Twoonie ($2) for Terry. All donations are greatly appreciated!