Passport to Education

Grades 10 -12


The Passport to Education Program recognizes and rewards student achievement in Grades 10 through 12 in a broad range of academic and non-academic areas according to criteria and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. The intent of the program is to motivate all students to study consistently during the years leading to graduation, and to encourage secondary school students to pursue further education through post-secondary institutions and job-training programs. Passport awards are used to assist students with tuition towards their post-secondary education and/or job training programs.  Students in Grades 10 and 11 receive $250 and students in Grade 12 receive $500.


As determined by the Ministry of Education, a limited number of Passport to Education Awards are available for each of the Grades 10, 11, and 12.  The awards will be distributed to students according to the following criteria:

Academic Component:  2/3 of the weighting

  • This component is based on the highest percentage average mark in 5 provincially authorized and/or BAA (Board Authority Authorized) courses completed between September 1st and June 30th.
  • Final marks from the final report card in June will be used to calculate the GPA.
  • These courses may come from Sentinel or distance education/online institutions.
  • These courses must have both a final grade and an assigned work habit mark.
  • A student should be a graduate to earn a grade 12 stamp.

Non-academic Component:  1/3 of the weighting

Effort/Work Habits

  •  Assigned work habits must be “G” or “Ex” in the same 5 provincially authorized and/or BAA courses, which formed the academic component.


  • Solid record of citizenship in the school and community.  Students who had serious infractions that resulted in suspension in Grades 10-12 may have jeopardized their chances of obtaining a Passport to Education Award.
  • School/community involvement:  Students volunteering at school events and participating in clubs, drama/music presentations, sports and other extra-curricular activities will have their efforts count towards the non-academic component.

Appeal Process

If a student believes that an error has been made with respect to the issuing of the Passport to Education stamps, an appeal can be made to the school principal by September 30th of that school year.