2018-19 School Trips… and beyond!

October 12, 2018 - 1 minute read
We are very fortunate to offer the following school trips this year:



Where? Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tottori, Tokyo

When? March 16 – March 28, 2019

Who? Priority is given to senior grades and students taking Japanese, however any student may apply

Estimated cost? $4500

Teacher contact? Ms. A Ogawa aogawa@wvschools.ca

About: The Japan trip is a cultural tour for 12 students and 2 teachers over the 2019 Spring Break. There will be a combination of historical visits, experiences of modern culture, and a home stay with high school students and their families in rural Japan. Students will learn about themselves while exploring a country rich in history, philosophy, and respect.



Where? Normandy, Berlin, London, Paris

When? May 31 – June 10, 2019

Who? Priority is given to grade 11 and 12 students

Estimated cost? $4200

Teacher contact? Mr. G. Johnston gjohnston@wvschools.ca



Where? Antarctica!

When? November 28 – December 14, 2019

Estimated cost? $16,000 (all inclusive – expedition, flights, gear, pre-trip kayak training, and snow camping included)

Teacher contact? Ms. D. Armstrong darmstrong@wvschools.ca and Mr. B. Hammett  bhammett@wvschools.ca

About: 18 Students are going to Antarctica Nov. 28-Dec. 14, 2019!! For adventurous souls seeking a life changing experience on the other side of the planet

Ship Plan: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/oneoceanexpeditions/voyage-trip-notes/antarctic-peninsula-adventure-1Dec19.pdf


… more trip information to come!