Small hands coloured each of the feathers. Small hands wrote pledges & promises. Small hands put each of the 215 feathers up. Grade 6s @CaulfeildSchool honour all the small hands taken from us. #truth #reconciliation #westvaned @mstoneyart

215 chairs for 215 children for 215 hours. This is our memorial at Rockridge Secondary set up in our main area. For the 215 in Kamloops, 104 in Brandon, and the innocent children yet to be found. #KamloopsResidentialSchool #Kamloops215 #Kamloops @RockridgeSS @WestVanSchools

One of Div. 8’s favourite Sports Day stations today was the SCOOTER RACE! We went all the way to round 3: scoot and draw a bear on the whiteboard 🐻

Go Blue Belugas!

@CaulfeildSchool #bethebear #westvaned

Our @CaulfeildSchool Kindergarten kids investigation into indigenous plants continued today. We searched for cedar trees and also found other indigenous plants like salmon berries. We also found some non-indigenous (invasive) plants like ivy and holly. Check out our maps!

If you had asked me at the beginning of this year if we were having Sports Day, I would have shook my head in disbelief. And yet here I stand today overwhelmed by the spirit shown by all the kids @CaulfeildSchool! It is joyous. #westvaned #sportsday

So many great images of the fun that Sports Day brings each year here. Part 2 with our intermediate students continues tomorrow. More colour, more laughter, more cheers, more COVID silver linings. #bethebear #westvaned

Just saying @CaulfeildSchool is powered up for Sports Day - Part One. Primary students let’s go #bethebear #westvaned

Last week was our Track & Field Week!

Your creativity, school spirit, and enthusiasm was on full display via social media - check out this compilation of some of your AWESOME footage/photos

Thank you to everyone for making this such a fun and successful week!!


Track and Field spirit was looking and sounding great all week @CaulfeildSchool Let’s go Bears! Thanks @WestVanSchools for the opportunity to run, jump, throw and do our personal best #bethebear #westvaned

Another record breaking day. 86 students making their way to school by their own power! One more day to earn tickets for our #BikeWeek prize draw @WeAreHub #bethebear #westvaned

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