We’ve got such a thoughtful and active day underway here @CaulfeildSchool to celebrate #PinkShirtDay2021 More to come...#bethebear

The kids @CaulfeildSchool have been learning about kindness, compassion & inclusion. Even our bear will be wearing pink this Wednesday Feb. 24th. We hope you will too! #bethebear #PinkShirtDay2021 #westvaned @WestVanSchools

The @CaulfeildPAC February meeting provided our parents with a familiar feeling this month as we brought back our Parent Education Session. Many thanks to @shannonozirny from @WestVanLibrary for her informative presentation #westvaned #bethebear

Felt the Support Staff love today at @CaulfeildSchool! Thanks @WestVanSchools for recognizing us <3 #westvaned #ea #supportteamlove

Why do we enjoy a safe supportive organized & thoughtful learning community @CaulfeildSchool & @EHNews? It’s because our support staff are outstanding professionals! Today @WestVanSchools we say thank you to all of our support staff Thank you! https://t.co/7weZ0Zbo49

Supporting our intermediate students navigate the digital world safely and effectively is what iDEC is all about. Getting the additional expertise of @MediatedReality is a valuable and essential voice for our school community #westvaned #bethebear

So much love today in Div 15! @CaulfeildSchool We thought about what fills our heart with happiness. We thought about kind words and actions that fill the hearts of our Div 15 family. Then, we went outside and literally filled our hearts with nature. #kindness

Kindergarten students @CaulfeildSchool accessed their imagination pockets today and told stories about Salmon. The Kindies were asked to think about who is in their story and where does their story take place. #storyworkshop #bethebear

Our #family inquiry has us thinking about all of the ways families are the same but different. Today we explored special meals we have with our families. What is a special meal you enjoy with your family? #sharingameal #bethebear @CaulfeildSchool

As the grade 2s wrap up their Mars Rover projects, the Rover “Perseverance” is set to land on Mars today. Not only is the timing perfect, but the name of the rover itself is one of @CaulfeildSchool REP skills. The stars have aligned for Div 11!

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