After weeks of @jeffmuthanna and @oliviaclewis grade 6s designing, building, researching and creating their lunar @Future_City projects it is time to communicate and share their learning through photos and a spot on the iDEC News #westvaned #bethebear

Why is your skin colour beautiful? What delicious and beautiful words can you use to describe it? The Kindies @CaulfeildSchool have been exploring the many beautiful shades skin colour can be through art and story. #allskinisbeautiful #thecoloursofus

Gotta love it when such rich literacy and numeracy learning happens in a simple 15 minute Kindie morning routine @CaulfeildSchool. Thx @McLennan1977 for the inspiration!

As we explore how forces and motion are connected to outer space, students has some fun discovering how craters are made on the surface of the moon @CaulfeildSchool #westvaned

At @CaulfeildSchool recess today, Mr Kolkea and Mr Harvey joined the 7th grade football game. I got a little excited about the possibility of using my first aid training, but the two elders managed just fine. Actually, they did better, they made the kids' day. #bethebear #play

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