Remembrance is…

Hosting a thoughtful Remembrance Day Ceremony is not an easy task. We call it Remembrance Day but few people in this gym have any memories of war.

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Failure or failing? Does it really make a difference?

This blog post from Laura Magrath was originally published on her website, “Becoming A Resident.”
“I have not failed.

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Layers of Learning

At the start of our Curriculum Night last Wednesday (Sept. 13), Vice-Principal Laura Magrath and I shared a fifteen minute presentation which had two intentions: summarize the layers of learning that happen at BICS in every subject,

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Farewell, Grade 7s

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017, students, staff, families and community members gathered to celebrate our Grade 7s and wish them well.

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Bike to School/Work Week – Some Good News

Bowen Island is not yet known for its bike riding but if you look closely, there is a bike culture: you will see no shortage of bikes down by the ferry dock,

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Everything I needed to know about learning…

Written by Laura Magrath; first published to Becoming A Resident
Everything I needed to know about learning, I learned at an amusement park.

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“ADST” – A New School Subject?

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”
Over the years, I’ve conceived of many simple ideas to address small problems: keeping rats out of the garage,

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Learning Character – Openness

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment in thinking that “now, more than ever, the world needs more…tolerance, more openness,

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Different, or Just New? Communicating Learning K-7

Recently, BICS Vice-Principal Laura Magrath and I hosted a Communicating Student Learning Information Evening. In response to major changes to BC’s curriculum,

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Openness, Resilience, Remembrance

We speak often about resilience at our school as though it is a good thing – resilience being the ability to calculate the size of a challenge or problem and overcome it.

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