At West Vancouver Schools, Inclusive Education is guided by the following belief statements:

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Everyone Can Learn

Each student needs to feel like they belong, are valued, and have a contribution to make.

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Learning is an individual and social process

Each student benefits from learning with peers.

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Learning requires active participation

Each student needs purposeful roles and responsibilities.

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Learning Occurs in a variety of ways and at different rates

Each student is unique in their abilities and needs.

*Source: BC Ministry of Education, Inclusive Education Policy Manual 2020 (Draft)


West Vancouver Schools Student Support Services:

The multidisciplinary team of professionals in West Vancouver Schools Student Support Services work collaboratively with all school communities, including:

  • WVS District Learning Support Teachers,
  • School Counsellors,
  • Speech Language Learning Teachers,
  • School Counsellors,
  • Speech Language Pathologists,
  • Board certified Behaviour Analysts,
  • School Psychologists,
  • Gifted Learning Support Teachers,
  • Literacy Specialist Teachers,
  • Early Learning Teachers,
  • Education Assistants and
  • Youth Workers

All are committed to working collectively to identify and eliminate barriers that interfere with student’s well-being and achievement.

For more information, please contact one of the following:

Sandra-Lynn Shortall
Director of Instruction – Inclusive Education

Corrine Kinnon
District Principal – Inclusive Education

Alex Sweeney
Secretary – Inclusive Education

Betty Kulch
Office Support Clerk – Inclusive Education

Telephone: 604-981-1095

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