Please submit your write up at the link below. This write up will be used as you walk across the stage during commencement. Please personalize it and have fun, but it will be checked by staff for appropriate language and references and may be edited if there are any concerns with length or content. You have a approximately 40 – 50 words: go for it!
For those that don’t contribute their personalized write up, you will hear instead a standard greeting written by the school. Our version will  be boring so please do your own comment!  Some students find it helpful to have a close friend help them and don’t forget that this will be what your family and your friends’ families will hear.  This is an important moment in yours and your family’s lives and this is a chance to celebrate the end your 13 years of schooling.
Some ideas to include in your write-up might be:
  • Best memories at Rockridge
  • Future Plans
  • Quotes from teachers, friends, families, etc. that have meaning to you
  • Thanking friends, parents, teachers or others who have helped you to get to this point
  • General quotes that are meaningful to you
  • Message to peers, family, the world!
Write your comment in Third Person. ie. “Joe would like to thank his brother for ….. Cindy plans to attend…..”

Click here to go to the comment entry screen. You will need your school login (edu\jxsmith123) and password to enter your comment.



Please be advised that the Winter Party scheduled for Saturday, the 24th has regrettably been postponed due to safety concerns. We are actively making plans to reschedule the event and will be notifying you on Monday in the e-bulletin with the details. Stay tuned and meanwhile, hang onto those tickets!